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2. National Civil Engineering Symposium (Day 1)



Session Sub-Field  Presenter                         Title of Presentation Video  Presentation
1Structural EngineeringAtila ZekioğluReflections from 37+ years of…Learning Knowledge SharingInspiring and Inspired by My Teams & Clients…and continuing! 
 1Structural EngineeringMürüde ÇelikağA Case Study:Progressive Collapse Analysis of Existing RC Buildings Using Linear Procedure 
 1Structural EngineeringAhed HabibPhysics-Informed Neural Networks: A Rapid Solution of Structural Engineering Partial Differential Equations 
 1Structural EngineeringMehmet Salih ÖlmezMakina Kütle Temellerinin Tasarımı Üzerine Bir Uygulama Çalışması 
 1Structural EngineeringMehmet Cemal GeneşYığma Yapıların Deprem Etkisi Altında Gözleme ve Hesaba Bağlı Değerlendirilmesi için Bir Yöntem 
 1Structural EngineeringHamza SaeedSoil Settlement Due to Underground Tunnelling in Different Soil Types 
 1Structural Engineering Discussion 
 2Water ResourcesHafzullah AksoyDrought Conceptualization and IDF Curves for Water Resources Management 
 2Water Resources Bertuğ AkıntuğFlood Risk Analysis  of  İskele Long-Beach Area   
 2Water Resourcesİbrahim BayOpen Channel Geometry Optimization Incorporating Climate Change to Mitigate Asset Loses 
 2Water ResourcesHüseyin GökçekuşTransboundary Waters and Their Status in Today’s Waterscarce World 
 2Water ResourcesHasan ZaifoğluImpact of Model Data Availability on the Assessment of Bridge Scour Risk 
 2Water Resources Nuray VakitbilirStatistical Analyses of Extreme Weather events frequency in Northern Cyprus 
 2Water ResourcesFarhad BolouriInvestigating the status of water management education in line with sustainability education in higher education institutions in Northern Cyprus 
 2Water Resources  Discussion 
 3Water ResourcesNoor Ahmad Yaqubi Flood Management and Remedial Measures for Dikmen, Northern Cyprus 
 3Water ResourcesAdnan HilalWater budget analysis in Northern Cyprus 
 3Water ResourcesFarhad BolouriPrediction Of Runoff Using Artificial Neural Networks, Mlr Regression And Arima Model (A Case Study: Bared River, Lebanon)  
 3Water ResourcesMirza Mohammed Abdul Basith BaigSustainable Storm water Management Practices for Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus 

Water Resources   



2. National Civil Engineering Symposium (Day 2)



Session     Sub-Field    Presenter                             Title of Presentation



 4Construction ManagementM. Talat Birgönül          

Residua: From Nostalgia Towards Future-Evolution Of Construction Management Topics Since 1980s

 4Construction ManagementTahir ÇelikOptimization Of Reinforcement Steel In Building Construction Projects 
 4Construction ManagementCenk BudayanExamining The Factors On The Effectiveness Of Luxury Real Estate Television Advertisements 
 4Construction ManagementHasan DilekThe Evaluation Of Relationship Between Work Accidents And Occupational Health And Safety in North Cyprus 
 4Construction ManagementAli Erhan ÖzdemirIdentifying And Managing Most Common Risks In Nigerian Construction Projects 
 4Construction Management Discussion 
 5Transportation EngineeringSerhan TanyelAutonomous Vehicles: What Should We Expect? 
 5Transportation EngineeringMehmet Metin KuntImproved Traveling Salesman Problem Analysis With Network Analysis Tool 
 5Transportation EngineeringKhalifa GallouzExpremental Evaluation Of Asphalt Binders Properties Modified With Geopolymer And Acrylate Styrene Acrylonitrile 
 5Transportation EngineeringShaban Ismael Albrka AliThe Impact Of Micro Bauxite Powder And Nano Bauxite Powder OnThe Mechanical Properties Of Asphalt Mixture